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The Fearless Five series of books are about a group of young children that spend playtime imagining themselves as a superhero team. During their time, they make up fun adventures and battle imagined foes, the Swarm, which is a group of villains plotting to take over the world, with the Fearless Five being the only thing standing between them and success.

Each book series offers world-class artwork with adventurous storylines for children aged 3-9 years 0ld. The 6-9 year-olds will enjoy reading thru the stories while taking in the artwork and even the most energetic 3-5 year-olds will settle in and be engaged during your reading time with them!

The Fearless Five book series provides fun, exciting and empowering messages for children in both print and eBook formats.

Each print copy is $4.99 USD, is large at 8"x10", has bright vibrant colors that can attract the attention of even the most rambunctious of children and is made with durable, high quality print stock (not the flimsy, light and thin paper used on standard comics).
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